Whether it’s clean up and touch up to keep your furniture in tip-top shape; or preservation of your families’ heirlooms and antiques; our team can help.

Antique Restoration

Antique restoration is important for items purchased for investment or treasured family heirlooms. Our knowledge and experience can help maintain and restore your favorite pieces, such as furniture, clocks, pianos, ceramics and more.

It’s important to keep these items preserved for generations to come.  Vic Franco’s experience and unique training having worked with experts and published authors for 40 years have given him an unparalleled perspective in the art of antiques restoration.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Most insurance companies and underwriters do an outstanding job for their insureds.  Occasionally, however, in the rush to resolve the claim promptly, the history of some of the water, fire or smoke damaged items can be overlooked. Those pieces brought back from travels, family keepsakes; and furnishings that can’t simply be replaced with a monetary settlement.

Call us in to evaluate the situation. In most cases we can provide a restoration estimate for your precious cherished pieces. We also work with most homeowners insurance companies and can deal directly with them on estimating and invoicing.

Pet Damage

We all love our pets but sometimes they just