Our company was founded and has operated primarily as a business to business enterprise since its inception in 1963. This includes work for Movers, Insurance Companies, Furniture Stores, Interior Decorators, Cabinet Makers, Carpet and Appliance Installers, and Appraisers. We can handle repairs to most anything either directly or through our vast third party service network.

Serving: All of New Jersey, Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania

Email your claims assignments to newclaims@francofurniture.com.

Transit Damage Claims

Handling of transit damage claims has been our specialty from day one. We are nationally recognized experts in expediting and resolving moving claims. Whether it’s under a contract of insurance or a carrier’s valuation policy; no one has more experience than we do.

In addition to our expertise in furniture repair, we also have a complete network of third party services to assist with many other aspects from upholstery cleaning, art and frame restoration, oriental rugs, clocks, glass and mirror, and so much more. Our goal is simple – To be a one-stop shop for our clients. Whether it’s a simple touch up, a moving van accident; or anything in between – We can take care of all of your claims needs.

Fire Restoration / Water Restoration

Fire and water damage can be devastating to your furniture. Franco Furniture specializes in with anything necessary for repairs. Whether it’s a surface cleaning or full-on restoration and refinishing, we can help. Our team will go over each piece thoroughly. We use ozone equipment for deodorization to remove the smoke odors that get trapped deep within the joinery. We also work with qualified textile and upholstery cleaning services to handle the sofas, rugs, and drapes.

Property Claims / Casualty Claims

Franco Furniture can help with any furniture damage a homeowner or renter may experience. We have seen almost everything from electrical fires, to broken pipes, trees crashing through roofs, furnace “puff-backs”; even a car crashing into a dining room. Let us help with your clients’ household goods and furniture.

Sconce Refinishing - Before
Sconce Refinishing - After

Damage Loss Appraisals

Sometimes your transferee or assured is not sure of the value; or perhaps there’s a discrepancy as to the value of a damaged or missing item. Perhaps your claimant has included a claim for loss in value to an item. We can help by writing an appraisal report to help determine:

  • Value
  • Diminution of Value
  • Potential Salvage Value
  • …and more!

Appraisals are handled through our sister company: Franco & Associates, Inc. Victor Franco, Jr. is an accredited member with the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and reports are written to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards


Inland Marine Surveyors

You have surveyed the loss, identified the vessel and route, and those involved; confirmed and documented the damage; Now, let us help you help your insurers and underwriters by supplying estimates and restoration advice to help determine when and where restoration is practical. Often this can be accomplished from good photographs at a reasonable cost


Writing a Damage/Loss appraisal for an Insurance Adjustor? Always a good idea to include a paragraph on restoration potential (or lack of) from a qualified restorer. Supply your client with “Broad Evidence” and give them the tools and options to properly evaluate and adjust their claims. This also can usually be accomplished from good photographs at a reasonable cost

Public Adjusters

Protecting the rights of the policyholder is only half the job. It’s also about the desire of the homeowner and helping them “make whole” those items that they can’t simply replace. We can help by providing estimates and accomplishing these restorations

Fire & Water Mitigation Companies

Whether you have a small company or a national franchise driving the big green trucks; you probably do most of your own clean-ups which is fine for 90% of the items. However for those Antiques, fragile, or fine furniture pieces that require a restorer’s touch, please give us a call. We can work with you as a sub-contractor or bill the insurer directly.

Pre-Move Condition Reports

Have a transferee requesting additional Insurance or Valuation coverage? We can write a pre-move, pre-storage condition report for those items scheduled on a high value inventory, as well as photo documentation. This will help the insurer protect their interests as well as protect the assured in case of a major loss.

Wood Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

  • Structural Repairs
  • Regluing Joinery

  • Touch up

  • Refinishing

  • Veneers

  • Fabrication of Replacement Parts (Moldings, Legs, Finials)

Third Party Service Partners

We can handle repairs to most anything either directly or through our vast third party service network.  Our goal is simple – To be a one-stop shop for our commercial clients.

  • Artwork – Restorations, wax patch, canvas relining, touch-up and in-painting

  • Ceramics/Porcelain – Repairs

  • Chair Seats – Caning, rush, re-upholstery

  • Clocks – Set-up, repair

  • Fitness Equipment

  • Formica and Laminate – Repair, re-laminating

  • Glass/Mirrors – Replacement of glass panels, bent glass, tabletops, glass shelves, mirrors, bored glass cabinet doors, etched glass, stained glass repair/replacement, etc.

  • Hardware – Replacement pulls, hinges, etc.

  • Lamps – Repair, socket and switch replacement, rewiring, replacement crystals

  • Leather Furniture – Repairs, cleaning, etc.

  • Marble – Repairs, replacement, touch-up

  • Metal – Welding, repairs, fabrication of replacement parts

  • Patio Furniture – Repair, repainting, touch-up

  • Pianos – Repairs, touch-up, service, tuning, reassembly

  • Picture Frames – Glass replacement, touch-up, frame replacement, rejoining, casting, gilding, refinishing

  • Pin Ball Machines, Arcade Games, Juke Boxes – Repairs

  • Pool Tables – Repair, reassembly, touch-up

  • Rugs – Cleaning, repairs, Oriental carpet restoration

  • Silver/Pewter – Repairs, re-plating

  • Upholstered Furniture – Re-upholstery, cleaning, repairs, etc.

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