Most service industries at one time or another will need furnishings repaired. Whether you manage a delivery company, move appliances, install lighting, countertops, provide cleaning services; there is always that rare occasion where furniture will get bumped, or you’ll have a spill. Let us get it fixed up for your customer so they can share the good experience they had with your company.  Take a look at some of our clients.

Office Furniture Maintenance

Did you spend a lot of money on your conference table or reception furniture? Great investment for a first impression that can help you land a client. Over time, office furniture can get beat up, worn or is need of repair. Let the professionals at Franco Furniture help you to maintain it. Whether it’s just from wear or an over-achieving cleaning crew; we specialize in minor repairs, remove the shoe or vacuum marks, etc.

Claims Adjusters

For over 50 years worked with private adjustors, public adjustors, and firms; providing quick, professional results.  Let us help you expedite and resolve your claims in a timely manner. We can provide detailed reports, photos, estimates, appraisals, and perform restorations to most household goods.

Insurance Companies

McCelland RestorationFranco Furniture Repair & Restoration can help restore your assureds’ household goods and furniture. We can evaluate the items and assist in determining what is possible and practical to repair. Also, we can assist with storage of completed restored items in a case where the property also has to be rebuilt. Here are some of the types of insurance companies we’ve worked with:

  • Transitory Insurance Companies
  • Storage Facilities
  • Inland Marine
  • Homeowners Insurance Companies
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Moving Companies

We work closely with moving companies to evaluate furniture damage claims and assist with any repairs. Franco Furniture has the most experience and the most resources to expedite and resolve transit damage claims in our service area. Restorations, Inspections, Consultations, Appraisals – Let our team help.

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